when I get the blues

your touch implied
your glances expressed
your lips uttered
your tongue danced
your hands molded
your walk convened
what never was
my skin reacted
my eyes sparkled
my lips responded
my mouth enfolded
my hips changed
my legs followed
what will never be
when i get the blues
and the blues get me
papa we are messed
not fit for company
when i get the tears
and they really come down
papa it ain’t fun [...]

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hmm.. thats not really all that bad. for what is worth, I would say that it has the quality of good art: to stir thought and make it reverberate without clarification; resisting interpretation. Good art remains puzzling. It must be creative and employ all sorts of technioques of the craft, or medium. It must also be daring by provoking strong emotions through conceptual vocabulary. thats my opinion anyway.

 thank you. your opinion counts.

Shume e bukur, e embel, melankolike.

Blete, surprize, ndjesi e embel smiley edhe pushim i volitshem nga temat e zgjedhjeve smiley.

Na jane bere mendte e krese perqindje e formula mandatesh, and we forget the simple, beautiful, even those "sad" moments qe sjellin peshqit smiley.

u damn right i got the blues

from my head down to my shoes

i cant win, because i dont have anything 2 lose

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