Some possibly tough questions

© Eni Turkeshi Photographycan you control suspension?can you heal obsession?can you fake tranquility?can you make the air lighter?can you restrain a demanding soul?can you sober a rebel heart?can you stop thoughts suffocation?and please , oh please :can you comb my nerves?

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Be still my beating heart

you must learn to stand your ground

I'm not ready to run at this pace

the blood runs so red to my face

I've been to every single book I know

to soothe the thoughts that plague me so

Stop before you start

be still my beating heart.


Never to be wrong,

never to make promises that break

it's like singing in the wind

or writing on the surface of a lake

and I wriggle like a fish caught in dry land

and I struggle to avoid any help at hand.


I sink like a stone that's been thrown in an ocean

My logic has drowned in a sea of emotion

Stop before you start

be still my beating heart.

Me pelqeu shume Eni. Shume e bukur.

La_rosée -flm smiley


Ujk te falenderoj per vargjet!dhe fjalet  e mira smiley

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