Reflecting (rated D for disturbing)

Boy meets girl after a long long distance flirt. Boy and girl go out to dinner, then to dance, then to the beach. They have a lot of fun and laughter and touching. Heavy touching. Girl and boy go to his room, touch, kiss and pet some more, take their clothes off, lay in his [...]

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Blete, mos na tremb.

 1 bie, 1000 ngrihen...


po unë po trembem për vete.


Nga sa lexova une, perqasja e goces ndaj kesaj pune ishte.. si tip rashen rulet.. smiley  

plumin e skadum quje qarin tat..  

jalla moj blete,

halle halle qo dynjoo.

vallai nga kto skishim nigju ne knejna ka katuni smiley

po mi mone po anej ka katuni ka dal dhe shprehja:

pa vaditur, pa prashitur.. gjith ky miser si eshte rritur?  


chene t'ka kap behari shume folklorik dhe ashik smiley

chene, nganjëherë do të vritesh...keshtu që ajo puna e qarit nuk vlen shumë.

deso, ene una ka katuni jom po halle kshu gjojnash kom nigju plot kto mujt e funit. e ka fajin ujti burimit a mosha nuk e di....


this is such a great story.. has everything in it. if your driving somewehere and conversation becomes stale... you get this out.. and if there is girls there too... they will get on it like vultures... smiley you gat mo'? lol

p.s. my say??? this is such an off the wall event.... but I am certain of one thing.... the story is only an interpretation of the actual event... I am very certain that.. as we would not understand the architecture and structure of a a building, if we only saw it from one articular angle.. so we couldnt understand the actions of the guy... from only this account. Maybe he was genuine about what he was saying maybe he wasnt. If he was genuine then the guy is out-of-synch (his actions with his believes), if he wasnt then he must be a lousy diplomat (smth must have turned him off and he tried to be tactful but made a mess of it). I dont think teasing comes in to this... its just too... much too bizarre to think that he was doing it to tease her.

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