On a Sunday

She woke up early that morning,  fixed her bed, then went to wash her face and comb her hair. Her hair always gave her trouble, because it was thick and wavy and it never stayed long within the confines of the big black clips behind her ears. It was also strangely healthy for a woman her age. [...]

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Eh, smiley

5 !

Very nice. A reflection on good-nature and devotion and on what it means to be a good spouse. Did the other woman with the legs that started from her neck go to the cemetery to meet her mother?


when the sister (the widows daughetr) found out she (the mother and widow) had already left to the cemetery, why couldn't the sister (and daughetr) follow to make sure she wouldn't have a stroke? (did she?) Just wondered if there was a very subtle message passed there.


nope, she knows that the mother does not like intrussion or interruption. because if the daughter was there, she would not spend as much time as she deemed proper with each grave. besides, the daughter is not exactly a spring chicken herself.

it's complicated. smiley

"They sat and waited, and did not talk about how there would be no one visiting, cleaning and bringing fresh flowers to their graves every month.

For she would be gone by then."


Simply Great!


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