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I am sorry for the inconvenience mail to you.
How are you doing there ? This is Pradip from India.
I have read your profile in the site, It is very interesting and realism, its very much impressed me. Friend if you have a little time to visit my profile it would pleasure to me. And [...]

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 eh Pardipet.. skane faj pardipet, fajin e ka inglizi.

Ne krahasim me nje pardip ketu, qe mallkoj veten sa here me duhet ta pyes per ndonje gje, pardipi yt eshte mall!!

is your pardip still a virgin?

and never been married persona and still virgin and 43yrs. old, look his picture, hope you may like his. Him have no kid also.... Hello.

Per te gjitha gjonat fajet i ka Inglizi

skane faj pardipet, fajin e ka inglizi.

Qafo, se di ne e kqyre "The State Opening of Parliament" per ket vit?

eh the ruling elite..

 What was that thing about closing up the blog and not being in the mood? I am glad to see you came to your senses.... and I would like to think my encouragement had something to do with it smiley

oh blete mos vdeksh se gati e bera ne breke nga gazi smiley

po se deshe kyt paridin hudhe knej, se qeka fantastik, e per me teper me anglishte jo perfekte. njashtu sic na duhet smiley

 Gazit faturoja ti... smiley 


blete smiley

ja, jo me larg se dy dite me pare, telefoni:


I’m speaking to Florian?>>

    -no, but may I take a message?>>

-Are you his hazbënd?>>

    -if I only were that lucky!>>

Mister lucky, can you make a contact>>

   -what kind of contact>>

Can you make decision for service contract>>

   -at your service>>

We give you debt free >>

   -i have no debt>>

No problem, we pay your debt for seven tate>lace>montlace>tate>hs for your hazbënd.>>

   -ok, but you will have to call later. I have to go.>>

Mister Florian, whats your name please?>>

> >



you mean to say you have ben in contact with my pardip all this time?

Yes, i just needed to see I was still loved smiley

hasëll end tasëll kjo dyrnja blete smiley

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