It’s all about change

My red tree has a different look today. It’s full, up, open, positive, proud, holding all its leaves. It’s a marvellous, confident and high tree.

I wanted to show its leaves to everybody today. But it’s Friday, and although we’re in Albania, people are still working. Yes.

Or so it might be!

Anyway…I failed on my first attempt in two and a half years to finish earlier than I should. No one is interested in red leaves and everybody seems to be a hard worker in Albania. God, I am sooo pleased smiley

I attended the ceremony I was talking about on my previous posting. Interesting speeches. Would have been nice if they were real too.

The Albanian president talked about belief in change. EC ambassador did the same. And so did the politicians who had arrived from Brussels and some others from Strasbourg.

They all started by saying: “I am very pleased to be here…”. Looking at their half-closed eyes, I could hardly believe that the person with wrong perceptions on that room was me.

“We believe in change. (Again? Oh no!) Albania needs to change. You are changing. Together we’ll change all unchangeable things about this country…” Yeah….sure!

“Obama, Berisha, EU, report, progress, regress…no, no regress please. That’s why you’re here…new policy-makers to replace the old ones” !!!!!

Great! Applauses!!!!

Wine? No. Coffee. Let’s go to the upper restaurant. This one is very odd…and we’re not anymore.

And the change just started.

Sat at the coffee table gossiping about nothing, all were convinced that Albania has found the way out. So did I…

I found the way out and did not want to go back in the office…but I did. And you know that now smiley

“Rruga e Kavajes” is full of red trees. I walked through today…running late for a change

Coffee? smiley

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Bukur, t_red, me pelqen humori i perzier me dhimbje e ironi, dhe gjithcka duket ne permasen e duhur. Hiq keto smileysmiley ( smiley ) sepse e zbehin ca shkrimin.

Awesome photo!

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