Go, go Power Rangers

I never liked Power Rangers. Even though the only reason I get up at 9.00 every Saturday is to watch the cartoons, Power Rangers never did it for me. The guns were fake, the choreography bad, the monsters blue cardboard with gesso bits painted on that barely stuck. There were five Power rangers to a [...]

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it is worth to waste my last allowed comment of the day on you ... you remind me of my highschool years when coming back from school consisted of buke e gjize and back to back episodes of PowerRangers. I think the void in my life can only be explained by the absence of the silly crayon teenagers. I also miss Pinky and the Brain...

whoa nelly!!!!!!! the comment fairy magically granted me two more wishes.

batman was never my thing... now Sailor Moon and Magic School Bus are another category to themselves. Oh the things I have learned from Ms. Frizzle. Damn it we should have a movie night get together and run a marathon of these.

As long as there is a chance of PowerPuff girls too. smiley

i think power puff girls came along after we "stopped" watching cartoons... that is when Histeria and Animaniacs were taken of the air and on came all that japanese pokemon crap.

am up for a cartoon marathon, or two.


Ladies, you have no taste :tongue: though I do agree with Bleta that Power Rangers always sucked if it wasn't for what albanian folk has termed as "rrush pa pjekur, aguridheee, abababababa" :wink:

Now talk about Lucien Lupen... that was a show, that's taste.

Sire, taste is a matter of grown-ups and is not familiar to our inner child, but if you want to talk about class then lets not forget the classics: Tom & Jerry and Pink Panther and throw in some Scooby Doo.


Pinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?

 i liked Duck Tales too, especially Zio Papero

Why sure, fair lady, but since Bleta was talking about coreography, (or however the hell you spell it) and how our inner child knows more than we expect, I've always thought the Americans too royally goofy for real class, be it in their feline, canine or moussy qualities.

Ragazzi, permettete?! smiley

Power Rangers, Pokemon apo keto Wingsa-t qe cmenden cupkat sot, s'me kane terheq ndonjehere, por ama Tom & Xherri, Zio Paperino, Rosaku Donald , Miki & Mini Maus, ah, Braccio di Ferro...( qe prinderit na e tregonin si shembull se sa te forte te ben spinaq, se ka hekur spinaqi, pra... smiley) inspektor Gaxhet, Arsen Lupen dhe te gjithe klasiket e Diznejit... pa perjashtim fare... vdes t'i shikoj dhe sot e kesaj dite. Madje, para Piter Panit, Meri Popins, Gishteza, ( keto dite me ka mbetur ne mend kolona zanore e ketij filmi... dhe dallendyshja Zhakomo'...smiley ) E bukura dhe bisha... etj. etj. nuk do vija asnje film per te rritur. Keta filmat e sotem vizatimore me duken shume bosh, pa pike romantizmi, diskutohet o per vrasje, dhune, ( si puna e Dragon Boll psh.) ose buzekuqe, veshje, firma, "fidanzati" per gocat e vogla! Edhe Barbin s'e lane pa gje, po ia gjeten te dashurin, Kenin.

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