Do not play on the grass!

Another beautiful day here in Shkoder.

I have been really busy recently, but decided that as my 3 boys have been in the apartment day and night, it was time to take them out for some games. So, down to the park at the bottom of the apartment and we played with the football and throwing the frisbee. Lots of fun. My 4 year old was having a great time!

But then there came a man from the Town House and told us that we were not allowed to play on the grass!

I mean - what is that all about?!

I asked him where we could go to play and he just laughed.
He told me that in Tirana someone was playing in a park, kicked a ball and a woman with a baby was passing, the baby got hit on the head and the child died.
therefore, there was no games allowed in the park.
And that he was employed to make sure that no-one played in the park.

Now, if that is true, then it is a tragic accident for which I am sorry about!

But at the same time, i have got to say...
Has Albania gone mad?!
Is this the proper reaction?

What next?
Are they going to ban cars from the road , because there are accidents?
Stop people selling in shops because there is food poisoning?
Stop people going to the beach as some drown in the sea?

Get real!

Then an old woman sitting nearby proceeded to tell me that abroad no-one is allowed to play on the grass in the parks EVER!
I told her I am a foreigner and we have many parks full of children playing.
In fact, that is their purpose.
Somewhere for the children to go to and play!!! ( maybe Albania can learn from that!!)
But, no this old woman proceeded to tell me that she had also been abroad and what she was saying was right!

I guess she must know better than me !

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It's a decorative area, not a playground. Technically you can't play sports on those areas if there aren't any playing areas; it's risky for the people who are just sitting there or passing by. I'm sure that's why the man gave you that explanation, even though he wasn't able to summarize it in one or two sentences.

Come onnnnnnn

For god's sake, i bet if he went back after two hours nobody would tell him anything. As we say in Albania my friend 'CUDIA ME E MADHE TRE DITE ZGJAT'

I was home when the smoking ban law came into power and everybody was respecting it for the first 2-3 days or so, and then it became common to see people smoking again everywhere.

La rosee , by the look of it, that looks like a suitable place for having a 2 v 2 in a nice warm day, and trust me is the most natural and suitable place to do so for a dad and two kids, and who cares wether they allowed to do so in Germany or Pakistan ?

To have political correctness gone mad in Albania, where the best thing in the country are this little freedoms, would be sad.

I remember the story of King Zog when he tried to ban bycicles in Shkodra and after a while nearly got a revolution there. smiley

I think that next, - according to our philosoper, would be encouraging people to play in busy highways.

Maybe there's no proper infrastructure in Albania, but that shouldn't be something new to someone who's been living there since 1995.

I don't know where you Kolin come from, but you seem a little too upset because of that little intervention from a city hall employee. Yet, I am pretty sure that if someone lived in Shkoder since 1995, would know a lot better where playgrounds are and before all, would know a lot better how to properly deal with in such situations rather than write a whole article complaining about an entire country he has pledged to serve as a religious missionary in.

And yes, i remember the infamous 1997, when almost every single missionary abandoned Albania, not giving a damn about their so-called "divine calling" and their only priority was to save what little they could, including their petty lives.

Zotrules, why do you always have to go put people down and always deviate from the original subject? The author is expressing her frustration with lack of parks, proper places for children to play and is showing the paradoxical situation of "political correctedness" as one said before, where a guardian of some kind comes and tells you that you are not allowed to play in the green grass while people park on goddamn sidewalks. To this foreigner, this behaviour just seems paradoxical and extremely frustrating, am sure.

As for the author, I would say do not take this to heart because these are the everyday hassles of living in Shkodra(?) and do as all albanians do, say yes to the man and then come back later when he is not there smiley

The author is expressing her frustration

So am I bro, so am I.


Shqetesimin arrij ta kuptoj, por "frustrim" kaq ekstrem per gje kaq te vogel? Ky eshte negativizmi i vertete, ky eshte negativizmi qe put njerezit down. Kete une nuk e pranoj. Nje njeri ne gjendje psikologjike te hajrit, nuk vete verdalle duke shkruar te tilla gjera. Mos e gjyko zotrulesin per nje koment, gjyko komentin. Jepi pergjigje komentit; lere zotrulesin te sqarohet pastaj, nese zotrulesi mendon se eshte keqkuptuar.

Hahaha, ke te drejte por une kur dhashe komentin tim gjykova ty dhe komentin sepse je ti burimi i komentit si dhe subjekti i komentit smiley. Mos mu hidh ne fyt tani te lutem se vallai sma ma prapanica me te pas kunder, jam goce sensitive lol

Sa per "fustrimin" (kshu thuhet ne shqip?), mendoj se eshte i shpjegueshem pasi ajo shef lloj lloj gjerash negative me te medhaja qe ligji i lejon qe ndodhin rreth saj si dhe ndoshta i eshte rritur pakenaqesia nga fakti qe ka kater djem (pupupu) te cilet skane vend me lujt.

Imagjino ti tani si i ka nervat kjo e shkreta, kacurrel fare smiley


Imagjino ti tani si i ka nervat kjo e shkreta, kacurrel fare

Qe ajo nuk eshte shqiptare fare... Po ne? Po ne qe e kemi vendin tone? Qe kemi 20 vjet qe dolem nga diktatura, dhe jemi ende njerezit me te perbuzur ne Evrope? Jam i sigurte qe dhe ne vendin e asaj poaq te perbuzur jemi. Tani, imagjinoji nervat tona... dhe pse zotrulesi mund t'i thote edhe plac! kur te teshtije ajo, dhe prape zotrulesi justifikohet... megjithese nuk e bej, se 20 vjet poshterim nuk mjaftojne per te shkalluar nje shqiptar.

PS: nuk me ke kunder me motra jo... zotrules egersira eshte mjalt fare! smiley

Shif, prape i kalove ca steps te argumentit dhe dole tek ideja qe ti nuk e justifikon pakenaqesine e saj ngaqe jemi te perbuzur? Kete me le te mendoj, gje qe me duket paksa...overexaggerated?

Si dolem nga pakenaqesia e autores tek perbuzja jone si komb? Ma pershkruaj pak your train of thought...

train of thought???

cfare eshte kjo, amerikane? sikur t'i trajtonim amerikanet ne si na trajtojne amerikanet? Sikur t'ua nxijme jeten neper ambasada? sikur t'u marrim leket e mos t'u japim vize? sikur t'u marrim leket, te mos u japim vize, dhe t'u zhgarravisim pasaporten qe te mos aplikojne me per 10 vjet? sikur ato procedurat e marteses t'ua bejme si na i bejne ne ata? apo lejen e qendrimit, psh, "green card"in? t'ua bejme te gjitha, edhe ato gjerat qe per momentin nuk po me vijne ne mend... cfare do thoshte kjo? ndoshta nuk do thoshte gje, se, me shume gjasa do e kishte pasaporten te zhgarravitur dhe do ishte edhe person i padesheruar ne ambjentet e ambasades sone ne Washington dhe ndoshta as nuk do ishte fare ne Shqiperi. Apo t'i rrinte immigration nga pas si hije per te zbuluar qe martesen me nje shqiptar e paska bere per dokumenta!!!

Fol per over-exaggeration pastaj! Egzagjerim eshte qe vijne nga s'vijne, e trajtohen si me te miret ne Shqiperi, me respektin me te madh; te pakten nga autoritetet, - me e rendesishmja... Nuk e njohin racizmin, nuk e njohin perbuzjen, nuk e njohin poshterimin nga ne per ato shkaqet qe "zoti i paska hedhur ne bote ne amerike pa i pyetur"...

Po he pra, si dalim ne keto pika? Sikur te lexoje ajo keto mendimet tona? Telendisjen dhe rraskapitjen qe heqin shqiptaret ne keto ane, nga shteti, qeveria dhe ambasada e tyre ne rradhe te pare... cfare pergjigje do jepte ajo?

uuuu, prit se me lindi nje ide:

"ju shqiptaret s'keni goje te flisni fare, se keshtu e ashtu m'u pergjigj nje punonjes bashkie ne lulishte!"

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