Another blues song (rated WSP for wallowing in self=pity)

He never said it, 'twas no hope
By all rights I shouldn't cry
He only gave me enough rope
For the wind to string me by
I can not blame him for this
I knew when I was going in
I would just be a stolen kiss
and an improper fleeting whim

I lost my magic as a muse
The inspiration was no more
I [...]

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Now I'm a badly written verse>>

A notch made on a leather belt>>

A point for drama in reverse>>

A road travelled but not felt>>


This is so beautiful. And you as well.

Very well written.

Now I'm a badly written verse

Ky varg me kujtoi Celentano-n:

sono il dolce col fondo amaro
che non mangi più. 

Ose nje variant tjeter"sei il dolce col fondo amaro che non mangio più." smiley

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