Si iu duket ky prezantim i Shqiperise nga BBC News?

Many in Albania - which has Europe's fastest-growing economy and aspirations to join the EU - feel the former dictatorship has come a long way fast, reports the BBC's Paul Henley from Tirana.

Lufti Dervishi is old enough to compare living in Albania today with how life used to be.

Whenever he thinks the road towards European integration is not a fast enough one, he stops to remind himself how far his country has come since it threw off what was the continent's strictest communist regime only 19 years ago.

"I can remember the terrible things of the past", he says. "There were times when you could end up in prison just for learning English."

He describes how conversation with a foreigner could be harshly punished and how any mention of "sensitive information", like the fact there were no potatoes in a shop, could result in a long jail sentence.

"And there was awful poverty," he says. "I myself - we were four in the family, four children - can remember the time when my parents could only afford one egg between us for breakfast.

"But when I tell this story to my son who is 12 years old, he just laughs, he cannot understand the reality of the past."

Rule of law

Nowadays, Mr Dervishi is executive director of Transparency International in Albania, working to establish a more democratic, prosperous country whose citizens feel integrated with Europe.

"We have a new generation now and it has many aspirations," he says. "They expect Google, iphones, ipods and high-definition TV. And the country should look to this generation, not to mine."

Technically, Albania can currently boast Europe's fastest-growing economy.

According to the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), which is the biggest institutional investor in Albania, the national economy grew by 7% in 2008 and 6% in the first quarter of 2009, driven largely by investment in public infrastructure and in the telecommunications industry.

It is not recession-proof, but foreign investment is increasing, as is confidence in the banks. And all predictions are for the country to stay in the black.

Albanians have been used to power cuts for years, but things have improved to such an extent that, in the spring of this year, the state-owned power company started exporting electricity to neighbouring Greece.

Hardship and widespread unemployment are far from eradicated, though. And in Transparency International's Corruption Index, Albania ranks a less-than-distinguished 95th out of 180 countries, below Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

"The country does have its problems," says Mr Dervishi. "There are standards we still want to achieve in order to become a member of the EU family. And when I talk about standards, I mean the rule of law.

"We don't have the tradition of rule of law. For five centuries, Albania lived under the Ottoman Empire and for four and a half decades under the communist regime. So in that respect we are still in transition".

Construction plans

The speed of that transition is obvious in the capital, Tirana, a city barely recognisable from even a decade ago. The ever-intensifying love-affair of ordinary citizens with the car is obvious in the noisy and often smog-bound streets.

But all over town, drab, grey communist-era buildings have been given a multi-coloured make-over, as part of a policy spear-headed by Tirana's mayor, former artist Edi Rama, now in his third elected term.

He defends his clean-up and repainting as being far more than superficial. In the streets that have become patchworks of green, scarlet, yellow and purple, tax collection has become completely successful, he says.

He adds that pride in newly planted public spaces has been restored and with it a civic optimism. And he has many more ambitious design and construction plans.

Mr Rama is cynical about the promising economic statistics and dismisses many as the political calculation of the Albanian government.

He calls national growth "jobless" and says too many people still want to leave their native Albania in search of a better standard of living. More than a third of Albanians are currently in voluntary exile.

Walking with pride

But Mr Rama does not for a moment question popular support for Albania's bid for membership of the EU.

And he points to surveys suggesting more than eight out of 10 residents want his makeover of the capital to continue - more, bizarrely, than confess to actually liking the new look.

"After many years of a totally rigid, collectivistic society, we found ourselves in an atomised, individualistic society," he says.

"So the deal now is to try to reconstruct a sense of belonging to the city and its public spaces, along with a sense of responsibility for them.

"Tirana before was like a woman lying in a bed because of a very serious disease. And now it is like a woman who got up, made herself up and is walking again with pride."

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Si ju duket ky prezantim i Shqiperise nga BBC News?

Nga titulli thashe se do ishte ndonje analize me e thelluar, po kaq sa ka shkruar pak a shume sic eshte do thoja, duke pasur parasysh rezervat e faktit qe shumica e artikllit eshte me opinione te Dervishit dhe Kryekutistit. smiley


"Tirana before was like a woman lying in a bed because of a very serious disease. And now it is like a woman who got up, made herself up and is walking again with pride."

More like u be nga grua nikoqire ne jevge e lyer dhe e zhryer me lapsa kopjativ  dhe jeton e bunkerizuar, jo nga frika prej armikut si qemoti po nga "modernizimi" dmth bunkerizimi, ose Kokedhimjezimi. smiley

Fotoja e Rames si gjithmone priceless lol, po dhe ajo fotoja e plakave aty poshte titullit "walking with pride" eshte domethenese, sidomos tani qe pashe dhe artikullin origjinal; ka vene si diciture te fotos se plakave "Mayor Edi Rama compares Tirana to a woman walking with pride". smiley Dmth ka tall menderen artikellshkruesi me kete shprehje te Kryekutistit. smiley

Nuk po e gjej dot video-n por eshte ne nje linje me nja dy artikuj te tjere qe i permenda ne nje teme tjeter (Euronews, BBC) ky eshte i treti.  Ne fakt, ne video, fotografija me plakat eshte vijim i problemit te papunesise, por pasi u perfol per "arritje" dhe ngritje te ekonomise, i vecante ne sojin e vet (dmth krahasuar me recesionin ne Europe.) 

Edi Rames i akreditionet "the face-lift" of Tirana.  Dhe ne pergjithesi prezantimi ne BBC ishte me ton pozitiv.  Pothuajse "lobing" per anetaresim ne BE.

Mua me beri pershtypje kjo:

"I can remember the terrible things of the past", he says. "There were times when you could end up in prison just for learning English."

Per kur e kishte llafin Dervishi?  Se ne kohe te tij s'behej fjale. 

Flm smiley.

Vetem ti mos te plasesh, pa do bente si do bente xhibi dhe pa video-n smiley.

Te plaste koka ..! ta ben mire yt ate.. smiley

i ben nder e te thote qeder..


videoja me mire se artikulli

keto artikujt me dy tre mendime qytetaresh i shikojme shpesh nga gazetare te huaj qe i kane rene shkurt. megjithate, ky artikull eshte nje shkalle me poshte.

Ne gjith keto vite qe lexoj BBC eshte hera e pare qe shoh nje prezantim realist te Shqiperise, te gjitha te tjerat kan qene ose raciste, ose anti-shqiptare, ose si kjo me poshte:

futjapordhiste mnjf.

mua nuk m'u duk gje. Bile, te them te drejten, eshte tejet i thate...

Kur na thone dhe publikisht ate shprehjen e famshme: "ka ende SHUME pune per te bere"... e tregojne fare mire qe nuk ja kane idene se per cfare po flasin.

Bile, te them te drejten, eshte tejet i thate...

Humor anglez, c'e pyet, per te thate njihet smiley.

Pertej Ben Hillit, ne kete rast, apo dhe ne programe te tjera ajo qe bie ne sy eshte heshtja ndaj situates politike, apo me sakte ngercit politik ne Shqiperi.  Eshte veshtire te imagjinosh qe ne BBC News nuk e kane idene fare se c'behet ne Shqiperi. 

Paraqitja e situates si KM po pergatit vendin per BE, kryetari i bashkise se Tiranes eshte shume "cool", dhe me gjithe problemet, Shqiperia ka bere perpara, coku duan te dalin keta te BBC me kete kendveshtrim.

PS: Jashte kesaj, me ate thirrjen ne fund per kthimin e 1/3 se popullesise qe kane emigruar, prape ua lane ne dore dopjo gjashten emigranteve te shkrete lol.  Rrofshi per remitancat, tani qe t'iu besoje e t'iu pranoje Evropi, kthehuni juve, si tregues qe keni restauruar besimin ne memedhe. 

Mondaqke, di apo nuk di BBCja per Shqiperine, eshte irrelevante fare. Ne kendveshtrimin tone ky. E vetmja rendesi qe ka ky fakt eshte kjo: Sa rendesi ka Shqiperia per Angline, per publikun englez. Duhet ta kishe ditur me kohe tashme qe as Wusa as Terra anglensis nuk kane asnje lloj interesi per ne... e aq me pak BE-ja. Sikur Shkaberia te mos perdorej si aresye per te mbajtur me rroga ca departamente ne BE, me rroga nga 20 000 euro ne muaj per punonjes, as nuk do merrej kush fare me te, as emrin nuk do na e dinte kush.

E shef ti? Nje referendum ben Zvicra per minaret, dhe gjithe Evropa bucet, me radio, me tv, me gazeta e me letra higjenike per te treguar se ca behet aty.

Kur te kercase kallashi ne Shqiperi, atehere do e shohesh shtypin BEist si do mbushet plot... dhe aresyeja eshte: bobo, do na vijne tani ca qafleshe me shume, do stratosferoje kriminaliteti, do vershoje droga lume, do behet prostitucioni mode e dites, do kete vrasje, vjedhje, thyerje shtepish... obobo gogoli, o nene o nene shqiptari... Vetem atehere do i shohesh ti. Per te tjerat, si thone gjithmone? Keni ENDE shume pune per te bere...

Prit se ka per te kercitur, m'ate ane fli ti.  Vetem ne u zgjofsh ndonje dite me ndonje mendje te keqe, e te vesh ne Shqiperi e t'ia kercasesh vete smiley.  Ne kemi heqe dore edhe nga te kerciturit per dasma mer, s'behet me, pasurojme popllin vella kinez, e ia plasim me fishekzjarre smiley.

Sikur Shkaberia te mos perdorej si aresye per te mbajtur me rroga ca departamente ne BE, me rroga nga 20 000 euro ne muaj per punonjes, as nuk do merrej kush fare me te, as emrin nuk do na e dinte kush.

Edhe ben vaki.  Dmth edhe qe ne pergjithesi iu intereson stabiliteti ne Ballkan per hall te tyre, jo tonit. 

zotrules, xhan, une nuk e di pse mendon apo pse le te nenkuptohet qe anglezi apo francezi apo filani dhe fisteku, i ze gjumi top ne shtepi pavaresisht situates ne Shqiperi, dhe kjo qenka ndonje gje per t'u cuditur. 

Ajo e rrogave, se si m'u duk ne fakt, dmth cik si pa vend.  Po pra, se Shqiperia po mban gjalle burokracine e BE.  Ama llafe qe shkru dhe ti smiley.

moj zaliiii, prape ti?

Une jam shprehur disa here ketu per 97, por jo se dua une qe te ndodhe, e shoh apo jo te domosdoshme... e sigurisht nuk do jem une ai qe do e filloj.

Se si i sheh ti te tjerat pastaj, ka gjithmone vend per diskutim. E di vete ti kete.

Une nuk habitem hic fare qe gjithe bota fle e qete pavaresisht se ca ndodh andej nga ne. Po HIC FARE! Une habitem me ca ketu, me ca cironka qe nuk lene (thjesht) te kuptojme qe atyre po u qan zemra per ne dhe paskemi nje rendesi te jashtezakonshme, apo qofte dhe nje gramshe!

Pyete cik Olli Rehnin sesa e kish rrogen dhe ca pune do kishte po te mos kishte nje Shqiperi qe KA ENDE SHUME PUNE PER TE BERE.

I miss z-z smiley


Nuk e pyes fare.  Nje shoqja e motres qe punon ne nje nga keto projektet, me thoshte me qejf-mbetje qe te huajt apo te derguarit e jashtem paguhen sipas rrogave te vendeve/standarteve te tyre, ndersa shqiptaret (qe sipas saj bejne punen me te madhe) paguhen me rroga pothuajse shqiptare.  Them pothuajse se 1000-1500-2000 euro rroga jane me larg se pothuajse shqiptare.

Mua me erdhi keq qe nuk bashkohesha me qejfmbetjen e saj.  Por ne heshtje kuptohet, sepse e kam shume xhan ate cupken smiley

Tani qofsha gabuar, por nuk eshte se une shikoj ndonje problem te madh ne kete aspekt.  Perderisa sidomos, rrogat nuk ua paguan shteti/takspaguesi shqiptar, hic fare se shoh ndonje problem une.

Jo me goce jo, ndale hapin mire aty. Nuk i paguan SOT shteti shqiptar, po ama, ne fund te vitit ta deklaron Evropy ty qe Shqiperia edhe per kete vit mori nje ndihme financiare prej 47 miljone eurosh nga programi CARDS apo terrci e verrrrrrrrrrrrci. Ky eshte programi CARDS moj Mondaqke... ndihma e leshit per ndertimin e institucioneve te leshit qe vijne plehrat e evropit t'u mesojne zhgabave si behet rakia, dhe i vene rrogen vetes nga 800-1000 euro ne dite DITE, plus dietat dhe "veshtiresite" qe i shtojne persiper. Dhe jo per gje, po na mburren mbrapa qe "Ja, po bejme te pamunduren, po bejme cmos qe t'ju ndihmojme" - Po ju keni ENDE SHUME PUNE per te bere. Dhe po nuk u perfshine keto  rroga te CARDS, do perfshihen se zben ne ndonje program tjeter zhvillimi, dhe nese nuk te jepet si "ndihme" te eshte dhene si HUA! keshtuqe, thenkju veri mac, bat aj hev tu rest maj kejs hier. dhe ty, ty do te te bej xgurdhjen fare, qe te mbeti gjuha perjashta, te mbeti. smiley

Ky kercenimi me xgurdhje (qe e shoh ne interes te paqes ne Ballkan te mos pyes c'do te thote smiley) me trembi smiley.

Ok, case rested.

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