Thank you

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it was an interesting, beautiful, difficult, year .. full of challenges .. surprises.. I met some great people..and I surely had some unforgeable moments .. with people that became my friends, people that shared the same ideals as me being active at Korpusi i Vullnetareve, I published several articles at the respectable newspaper Tirana Observer, had great moments with students and profs of my univ,I finished two important projects as a professional, beyond all i got to discover another diamond of my Father's past and I became an aunt of a cute little baby girl.. Thank you 2009.. let's hope 2010 will give me and you the chance to set some more beautiful footprints in what will and wish to become a past year 2010.
I do not believe in our chronological sets ..nor on New Year's however I believe in time divisions regulating it through Gregorian Calender or other ... It somehow helps us understand what did, what we do.. where are we heading to..may you all head in what is right on your suggestion plant smiles around you no matter the circumstances..

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