A maple leaf lands among eagles

ose "Një gjethe panje mes shqiponjave"

Meqe ka dale moda qe te pyesim te huajt se si u duket Shqiperia, une thashe ta coj ne ekstrem. Nje mikut tim qe u nis ne Shqiperi i thashe te me dergoje here pas here e-maile qe te me tregoje se si po ja con, por si student i shkelqyer qe eshte po me dergon "reportazhe" te plota. Thashe ti sjell ketu per te ndare opinionet, por edhe per ta ndihmuar me ndonje informacion qe une se kam per momentin si pergjigja e pyetjes: When you say "Zuir, there are no girlfriends outside of Tirana", do you mean "Good luck finding a girl who speaks English" or "If you get too friendly you'll have to buy her father a cow"?


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"Why on earth would you want to visit Albania?", my friend asked.  A fair enough question, and one that I expected, but I wasn't expecting to get it from an Albanian.  With other friends, I simply had to flippantly reply that I had never been to Europe and I might as well start with the letter "A", but here was someone who had lived there, and she was questioning my sanity. " "Why don't you go somewhere else." Yes, why not?  After all, "Austria" starts with the letter "A" too. True, but in Austria I'd be a tourist, going tourist places with other tourists to do tourist things -- and I don't like tourists.  With another Albanian friend already making a trip home, I'll have the opportunity to see the country with him from the inside out.

Plus, I'd rather drink raki than beer anyway.

Tirana: Airport

The airport is small, but modern and expanding.  It's a pleasant change after spending most of the time transferring in Vienna's older airport waiting for a bus and observing their universally solemn faces.  Is the summer always this hot?

Immigration has two lines:  Albanians on the left, foreigners on the right.  The presence of other internationals makes me feel more comfortable; there are far more of us than I expected. The lines are equal in length, but four attendants quickly process the Albanians while the rest of us wait to be served by a single officer.  The Albanian line is empty now, and I, the last in the international line, am waved over.  "Shkemi?", I say, pushing my passport through the window and receiving a wave of Albanian in response.  They seem puzzled at my blank expression until they look at my Canadian  passport  -- apparently my "Shkemi?" was so well said that they took me for an Albanian at first glance.  We share a laugh and I'm waved through instantly -- no Euros required.
  People seem pleasant, but disorganized.  A blob of people are clustered where the customs line should have been, and no one is quite sure whose turn comes next.  Some people simply walk straight through the doors with their luggage -- mine is scanned first.  Three beautiful girls in yellow dresses wait on the other side of the doors, and I am disappointed that they are waiting for someone else.

Stepping outside introduces me to... Is Albania's favorite pastime honking horns?  A horn is honked every four seconds -- and often two or three at a time.  Someone wants to stop to pick a person up, so he honks.  The six cars behind him object to him stoppping, so they honk.  Another car seizes the opportunity to back out of a parking place, so he honks, and the car in front honks back, and the six cars behind think he's honking at them, so they honk too.  A policeman arrives to shoo the first car on, and one of the six behind, realizing how really fine a place it was to stop, decides to take the first car's place.  And again they start with the honking.

As the tourist, I'm forced into the front seat of the taxi. The drive from the airport is a study in contrasts: sleek urban structures are neighboured to orange-brick homes with roofs of scavenged steel.  Construction is everywhere, orange bricks are omnipresent, and traffic is slowed by having to pass the occasional horse who thinks he belongs in the 21st century.  Every second building is either a carwash -- though more often than not it's simply a wall with "Lavazh" spray-painted on the side -- or a stylishly-modern but oft-empty gas station. I understand that if a car is a sign of something like middle-class membership then it makes sense to keep it clean, but aren't there too many to be profitable? And how can the numerous gas stations be so obviously profitable despite a lack of visible customers?

Houses under construction are lived in despite their incomplete state, with rebar sticking from the roofs as evidence of high hopes for a third floor or an oddly complete second floor overtop of a doorway and bare concrete pillars.  Why not do as your neighbour and simply build the first floor first? Colourful paintjobs the like of which I've never before seen seem to be something of a lower-class status symbol.  The countryside alters between scrub and lavish greenery, with the mountains which ring the horizon spilling down in hills towards the road.

Driving into the burning sun and dozing off the jetlag, I'm glad that I purchased an extra pair of sunglasses at the Toronto airport.

(To be continued...)   Steven Zuir   P.S   If you'd like to follow along and comment, please remember to keep your blame and blessings in English if you want me to be able to read them.  My Albanian is improving, but not quite as fast enough for that. Unless you use one of the three albanian words that I already know: "shkemi" "shisha nonen" and "falemiderit.


Foto marrë pa leje nga Flickr.

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"shkemi" "shisha nonen" and "falemiderit.

in that order?


P.S. Lidhje për blogun?

 It's not a blog. I told him that this is the best albanian blog and he posting it to PPU to share his experiences with locals, have some fun and hopefully make new friends. He speaks only english. He is not a pellazg, but only a canadian, for God's sake. smiley

Stepping outside introduces me to... Is Albania's favorite pastime honking horns?  A horn is honked every four seconds -- and often two or three at a time.  Someone wants to stop to pick a person up, so he honks.  The six cars behind him object to him stoppping, so they honk.  Another car seizes the opportunity to back out of a parking place, so he honks, and the car in front honks back, and the six cars behind think he's honking at them, so they honk too.  A policeman arrives to shoo the first car on, and one of the six behind, realizing how really fine a place it was to stop, decides to take the first car's place.  And again they start with the honking

PF, faleminderit për postimin. smiley


 interesting project. i hope there s still something left of Albania for you to discover.

Good luck dude, and tell us more of your impressions. Oh, and ease up on the "shisha nonen" with the locals, or you might get in trouble. smiley

When you're done, perhaps you can make a blog or blog entry of out it; they're easy to do (and free) nowadays. smiley

And how can the numerous gas stations be so obviously profitable despite a lack of visible customers?


-- cause, dude, as a fellow Canadian said "Albania is the place where reason goes to retire" or vacation as your case may be. I know it is tempting to succumb to the mindnumbing vacuum of logic there but bear with me: this is not your maple leaf capitalism. Take a shot of raki after this and keep reading... the most visible entrepreneurial activities in Albania are storefronts for accumulated remittances, real estate speculation and laudering of illegal or extralegal income. There is only one logic at play--- creative destruction! What you see is the SHOCK ... for albanians therapy is a delayed gratification.

 avash avash ti loni, let the guy enjoy his trip..You can learn a lot from Albania.In every country there are bad parts and good parts.Just drive during the night in Brooklyn or east LA see if u can even survive. 

Steven, thank you for this, I'm really looking forward to the sequels. Hope you have fun- don't eat too many figs, and if you can, pretend the traffic simply doesn't exist.

Ja pse i dua une kanadezet! Nje qendrim kaq i thjeshte, miredashes por i sinqerte.


So, you know three Albanian words and one of them is "shisha nonen" ?( a very bad pronouncing swearing word)..

I think is refreshing to read t="on">lace wsmileyt="on">Albanialace> from your view. Clearly it seems you are yet another case of a “brave foreign tourist” visiting a dangerous and messy country. It amazes me that time and time again we hear about cases of foreign tourist getting a rubbish feedback about t="on">Albania home, and yet they leave lace wsmileyt="on">t="on">Albanialace> feeling confused and with one question on their mind; what was the fuss all about?

Have a great time and please make a bit more of a effort to learn more about Albania and its culture….You know there is much more than “shisha nonen”..!



If you're still in Albania dont' forget to watch some TV and news reports.

You'll be amazed and will have a lot to write about smiley

Ki Kanadua duhet te llafose dhe ca ne frengjisht se ska mundesi, kushedi ka jetuar ne Montreal, andaj ja ca llafka per te :

Salut mon pote, comment vas-tu ? Tu sais quoi ? En te voyant sur la photo, je pensais que t'étais en train de pisser, et pire encore, pisser puisque bourré. Mais bon, c'est normal, les touristes sont toujours innocents.

Qu'est-ce que tu fais dans la vie ? Etudiant ? Au chômage ? C'est dur en ce moment, en peu partout c'est la misère. Et puis, en Albanie ça mange bien, pour que dalle en plus. Du pain, du fromage et une tomate, notre spécialité d'antan, il y a vingt ans. Et surtout, t'écoute pas cette "Parulla Armiqesore" puisqu'elle est comme ça, elle ne peut pas rester sans fourrer son nez un peu partout, que veux-tu, on n'y est pour rien. Et puis, tu sais ce que ça veut dire "Parulla Armiqesore" ? Eh bien, jadis, au temps d'un dictateur connard qui a semé la terreur partout où allait, il fallait scander des petits slogans, genre : "Vivons comme des encerclés !", ou alors "A bas l'impérialisme !" ou encore : "Le comportement embellit l'homme". Et donc, pour revenir à cette "Parulla", elle signifie soi-disant un slogan hostile à cette régime "à la con", histoire de se la peter un peu. Bon, des conneries quoi.

Par contre, "xhibi" c'est un "rrufjan", un malin, un finaud, un fripon, mais c'est un gars bien, un bon gars.

Mais alors "tropizma", alors là mon pote, rien à dire. Tu trouveras pas deux filles comme elle, ni en Albanie ni au Kosovo, encore moins au Canada. C'est moi qui te le dit, tu peux me croire. Et puis, voilà, c'était juste pour te dire qu'on est des gens bien, qu'on aime la belle vie, qu'on aime boire du vin, la bonne chère, et surtout, qu'on aime les gens qui nous aiment. Tu nous aime une fois ? Nous te le rendrons dix fois. Voilà, j'y vais là parce que j'ai rien mangé depuis ce matin. Allez, porte-toi bien et à bientôt.

Well started Steve.

Take it easy although temptation might be high smiley

Enjoy every single moment and event. Try to take as much pics as you can. Try to put pen on paper as sson as you experience smth that amazes you, or leaves you speechless. It's a unique opportunity, don't let it go by.

And then share it with us. As crude as it might be. We will enjoy it for sure.

Keep it up man!

As PF s'i paska shpëtuar tundimit për të rrëfyer për një mikun e huaj që vajti për herë të parë në Shqipëri. smiley


Steve, don't forget to drink some "bozë" and to go to Shkodra! Have a good time and don't listen to Parrulla!




T'na kishte thënë të paktën se ku rri, që të shkonim dhe t'i kërkonim çumçakiza smiley

P.s: Ky Shtjefni duhet të mësojë dhe fjalët e urta popullore... si p.sh: "Lujç menç dhe marrç malet".... po ky dreq, a nuk i dilshin malet dhe pyjet e Kanadasë që vjen n'Tiranë dhe "parkohet" te liqeni?

Enjoy your stay Steve. Sure, Albania is odd in a lot of ways, especially to a foreigner but there's nothing like it. If nothing else, it will be a memorable experience. I say you made the right choice comming here instead of starting your European trip with another letter A.

Miremengjes Steve smiley  ( means goodmorning )

I like the funny and positive way you see Albania and albanians. Enjoy the time and try to go to some restorants with good albanian food! smiley

Back again smiley

Steve, I would suggest you attend an Albanian wedding. Will be an awsome experience. Preferably in a remote village smiley

Not to mention an Albanian funeral smiley

Try to make most of your Albanian trip.

Too bad you did not come for christmas smiley you would remark the unique way we make party durnig that night smiley)

Discovering Albania in the company of an albanian is a very wise decision. You will not see only the surface of Albania, but also the heart. A very good and quiet swiss says: Albania is a roller coaster of emotions; you love and hate her - maybe, that's why one can't but just keeping going back. Enjoy your trip.

U dorzova. Harxhova 15 minuta duke kerkuar tek peshku ate temen me perkthimet e fjaleve te urta dhe me gjere. nuk e gjeta dot.  Nqs dini ta gjeni, mund te jete nje ndihmese per kte djalin, qe te pasuroje fjalorin. smiley 

Eh...paska ra dhe i ufo tjetër n'bahçe teme...

Welcome in Albania, Steve!

Don't listen to people like Liqeni dhe Parrulla Armiqesore.These people are upset with last election's results and are talking nonsense.

Albania is a beautiful country and people there are very friendly.Don't use "shisha nenen" to anyone, because it is insulting,unless you know him.Also don't use it in front of the women.

Enjoy the trip and drink more raki!

Keq me vjen Solidarnosc po ky forum (PPU) sqenka per ty. Gjynah se neve ketu na pelqen 'diversiteti'

Diversiteti mund te te pelqeje por jo te shpifesh mbi vendin tend.Me sa di une ne i respektojme te huajt ngadonjehere me shume se veten dhe ky Steve ketu nuk ka aresye te kete frike fare kur shkon ne Shqiperi.

Ti mund te shkruash si te duash por jo te shpifesh.


I'd rather drink raki than beer anyway.


Steven could be affected from Rakia, otherwise he wouldn’t try to joke with albs ....no way...>>

Beer is a ladies drink in Albania. He should know that...or maybe he knows to be aware from beer and to handle only Rakia, who knows?>>

He deserves to be among albs rather than visting any other pink country....>>

> >

Thanks Steven, you’re my guy Tongue>>



I know that you have a tendency of finding an “enemy of the state” on every sentence you read, you hear or even dream…. It’s a weakness from a hurtfully past that still has a deep effect on you.But hey dude!! who am I to tell you how to feel or advice people??I guess anyone needs to make up his mind  for himself.Following your advice…. since I know you from peshku pa uje there’re only two world left to write.. “shisha nonen”..   smiley   

Hi Steve!

Welcome to Albania! Hopefully you've it enjoyed so far.

It's not clear from the pic,  what are you doing in the middle of the road: trying to pee or hiding from the camera smiley

Have fun!

ç'ju kushtonte qe pershtypjet e te huajit te perktheheshin.  




Have a good time Steve and well done to PF.

ps:make sure the raki that ju drink is made in skrapar ose permet otherwise you will have headache.



forgot to advise you ...if you going after a young lady, ask her what her parents thoughts are...>>

If they are to the left of, keep going and use your sense of humour ...if they are to the right of, “shisha nonen” is not the worst... at least you can get smashed....>>


Hello Steve.

I hope good passing go in Albania. I wanted to give the advice when you drink a drink with brandy name "raki" should say "gezuar"  as by our sides.Smile

hey Steve.. enjoy your stay man. Youve taken the first step to visit it.. thank you for that.. now I would like to give you some personal opinions in order for you not to start missunderstanding. It is very important that before we learn, we learn how to learn.. otherwise we learn wrong and then when we learn that we have learned wrong.. we have to unlearn before we re-learn:

albania is a very unpredictable place. and thats because although european we are, we have very peculiar character to other europeans. some people might look like wolves to you, but worry not.. they only look that way. They are not sheep either.. as individuals they are all colourful. as a people, they have only recently bitten the apple.. and they are not even chewing it properly... so you might look at them and find their manners pretty odd.. but look closely and soon you'll spot their patterns of behaviour. dont forget to smile, not so much to males, or they'll think you're an infiltrator. smile at the ladies, young, old or teenagers, smile at them all, close lips, and if they smile back then you can show them your white teeth, if you have them.. if you dont, dont worry we did not have much butter back in the days we left behind, or still trying to. As you will know, we are just about two decades from the end of a paranoid lock-down.. you know that film, The Rock, with N Cage and S Connery? We were that. Absolute Lock-Down! THE ROCK! You know that other italian film, Fellini's La Dolce Vita I think it is, the opening scene where Christ's statue is being lifted away by an helicopter. That is what happened to us in 1967. Even myths troubled our paranoid leader... so Christ had to leave THE ROCK! After that it became a lock down.

It has been twenty years since we came out of that.. but in our collective subconsiousness we are still troubled by the ghosts of the pasts. Hundreds of thousands of egg-like things are still laying around all over the place.. stubborn suveniers of a paranoid age.. (you wont miss them) we could have had our own pyramid if we had put all those eggs together... isntead we had to wait until that era had gone and this other one to start... before we had OUR pyramid. One of excitement, delusions, shame and disbelief. One which when we put the cap-stone, the whole thing became vapour and we had nothing to show for our toil and labour. This was followed by an age of terror. All this was conviniently swept under the carpet by our governments. Merely 10 years had past since then and we had an atomic bomb go off last year. So bear all this in mind when you see those leathered faces. Despite all of this.. we're an optimistic people.. as you said, building... building.. building...

there are a lot of weddings now, so see that you go to one... dance if they ask you to. if you're hitting on some lass, make sure only you and her know about it.. albanian men can be very protective and it doesnt have to be over their wives alone. Having said that, Albania is very beautiful and the Albanians are known for their hospitality, and if you are single.. you wouldnt go wrong to have some female company with you.

oh, and bare in mind, that Raki drink.. it makes whisky and vodka seem like ginger bear. every mouthfull is like a small explosion.. the good thing is that when you go back to Canada, and whenever ppl tell you about hard-core drinks.. you will be like "guys.. dont talk to me about hard core drinks.. go to Albania and try some of that Raki shit." smiley

all the best,

a UK, Albanian resident.

 From Steven to everyone. (Until he gets is own password at Peshku)

Thanks for all the kind words. Yes, I know "shisha nonen" pretty well -- when you work with Albanian immigrants they have to learn English for "hammer", but Albanian still comes out as soon as they stub their toe.  So yes, I know shisha nonen, but I also know well enough not to use it lest I be lucky and escape with only a fist in the face.  I figure I know just about enough Albanian to get myself shot, so I confine my shisha nonens to mutterings at drivers in other vehicles. Pretty much the same as in Canada.

Parrulla Armiqesore: So if I see a brand new restaurant in the middle of nowhere I shouldn't presume that an eccentric Albanian chef wanted an exotic location to peddle his super-secret byrek? Seriously, though, what percentage of economic activity would you say is "maple leaf capitalism"?  I've met several successful capitalists so far, and they certainly seemed entirely legitimate, though they're rather small-time capitalists and my sample is hardly fair. I imagine that the percentage of corrupt capitalists scales up along the economic ladder, no?  It's difficult to compete fairly with cheaters, but in an economy where corruption has become a widespread norm it seems logical that consumers would turn to small-scale businesses that can flourish as they gain a local reputation from a loyal customer base.

Tropzima: I already had a close call with the figs.  The fruit here is unbelievable (like the traffic!)

Liqeni: It's not really about being a "brave foreign tourist" as much as it's simply being curious: Say what you will about Albania, but one thing everyone agrees on is that it's interesting.

Ana H: "Mirmenjes" is one of the few "good" words I know! Any other suggestions?  And I've been to some good restaurants here so far, but nothing so good as what I've had visiting people's homes.

SyriBukur: Wedding, po!

turi: Rakia is indeed my drink of choice, though I've found Korcha's beer to be enjoyable on a hot night.  As for the rest of the beer... Well, let's just name one and say that I wouldn't use Amstel to water a rock.  I can't imagine someone wastes water making that stuff.

Ujkuu I humbur: That's not me in the pic! I wasn't originally planning on doing this, so no pics for this post, but they'll come.  Though it might as well be me peeing -- Lofgan, Lofgan...

Novaj: What does "skrapar ose permet" mean?  Nothing even close to a headache here yet.

Ketlina: "Zur" was the second Albanian word I learned, right behind "mut".


you got this yellow-headed-smile for the question about "skrapar"... well, you're getting there... you see, you're asking the right questions and that shows a lot!  smiley

ah one more thing: how can I get maple syrup grade B?



Finest whisky is made in Scotland(uk).Skrapar or Permet are regions(towns) where finest raki is made. I sugest you go there

well done Steve and thanks for your sense of humour. It was great.>>

That’s what we need more than any pellazgian song or Tie Domi family history...hope  rest of people will  get you sooner or later like most of us.

>you are in the right blog my dearSmile>


Indulge me while I spin off in a tangential direction to reflect on some observations inspired by your presence here:

When an Albanian journalist/opinionist/critic/ offers some insight/analysis/commentary/observation/bullshit as the result of an epiphanious encounter with a foreigner/friend/”other” we sneer and dismiss the whole bit as the product of some egotistical masturbation. . You see Steven; the aforementioned individuals –a few at least- are hardly worthy of any respect for their media whoring ways or overt political affiliations so by way of this anything they pen is to be discounted lock, stock, and barrel especially when they are the vessel of some ungodly revelation we were privy to all along... we just can't have the mirror held up to us by anyone --- not the journalist’s French friend, or his trip to Greece, or his immigrant friends come to vacation and so forth. Now really some are plain ridiculous in the pretense to come to conclusions by way of the generous association with all sorts of surrogate eyes and rightly they get much ridicule directed back at them. Others come off as patronizing and ever so elitist when they cite and pepper in references that give them an air of cosmopolitan morality. We sneer at those as well. Rightly so, one would argue, since we hardly need a foreigner to put us in perspective and what sort of journalist can so and so be if he needs to channel his message through a fictitious persona to give legitimacy to his point. It is almost impossible for us to give credence to someone for telling us what we already know cause presumably WE KNOW EVERYTHING

And then along comes you (others have preceded you and many more will follow so nothing personal dear chap) and we delight at your insight/analysis/commentary/observation/bullshit with naïve glee.  We roll out the welcoming carpet for your parade of thoughts, we solicit them… heck, we even thank you profusely (the mistress of welcoming ceremonies didn’t fail me this time either.) And while we are at it lets not forget to thank the humble fuck who has the honorable mission of being the messenger. We rejoice at the opportunity given to a wrench like us to partake in your journey and with much subtlety we map it out for you (figs anyone).   

So then I am perplexed to say the least!

My apologies for the unflattering digression as I still owe you an answer for the entrepreneurial spirit of the Albanians.

po ca ke mi amon! po ca t'ushqejn mi amon!

Vetem mua s'ma paska varur ai Steveni. Nuk ditka frengjisht. Steven, bad, very bad, you don't speak french.

Parulla vient d'avoir une mauvaise digestion, à ce que je vois. La pauvre. C'est vraiment pas jolie tout ça. Mais je ne comprends rien à ce qu'elle dit. D'ailleurs, comme tous les Français. Selon une étude récente, les Français sont les plus mauvais connaisseurs de l'anglais en Europe. Une vraie catastrophe. Il y a une époque, je parlais pas mal anglais, et puis, avec le déferlement français sur mon petit cerveau, plus d'anglais, plus d'italien, seulement français. Quelle langue impérialiste ! 

Bon, pas de quoi en faire un plat.

Revenons à nos moutons. C'thote ki Steveni, se si shume mire e fliska anglishten dhe s'kapkam dot gje. Po kerrnaqet apo s'po kerrnaqet ? Dhe thuajini qe te dale andej nga malet e larta shekullore, ku ka pyje te tera me geshtenja, ku mund te mbledhesh deri sa te te mbaje kurrizi, e pastaj lajthia, ju kujtohen lajthiat e malit ? Ende te reja, ende te buta ? I thyejme me dhembe, nje maje dhemballe ben aty nje vrime, e pastaj ulemi pertoke dhe e thyejme me nje gur. Pastaj lajthia e vockel, e bardhe dhe krejt e pafajshme perfundon ne gojen tone, por nuk eshte si lajthi qesesh, eshte nje lajthi qe ju ben te thoni : aaa, kjo na qenka lajthia e vertete.

Pastaj eshte dhe ketrushi qe shetit nga dega ne dege. Eshte dhe nje flutur mali qe ka nje larmi ngjyrash aq sa te te vije te vrasesh veten. Pastaj, qe andej nga maje e malit, ne nje freski qe ju ledhaton faqet, ju hidhni syte poshte dhe shikoni fshatin qe digjet nen diell. Eshte larg fshati juaj, qe nga lart ai duket si i vdekur, asgje nuk leviz. Por ja, befas syri juaj kap nje gje te bardhe qe leviz ngadale. Eshte nje bujk, veshur me kemishen e tij te bardhe pa jake, tek leron token per mbjelljen e misrit. Perpara tij, dy qe qe terheqin nje parmende. Pastaj ju shikoni dhe lumin qe zbret fare poshte, dhe qe rrezet e diellit bejne ta shikoni si nje gjarper te arte qe rreshqet drejt detit. Te gjitha keto shihen nga nje mal. Qe Steveni zor se do t'i shohe. Me sa pashe une, Steveni eshte nje puro prodhim industralizimi, teknologjie. Nje Steven urban. Qe me siguri do te na kthehet ketu me ca poezi ku ndihet revolta kunder klasave shtypese dhe shfrytezuese, revolta ndaj pasanikeve te rinj qe ngasin makina ku e ku me te mira se te babit te Stevenit.

Eh Steven, Steven ! Mallarmé thoshte : "Te iki, te iki atje tej !"

Hurbinek, a thua te te kete frymezuar Stiveni qe ne pike te mengjesit, qe na qenke bere kaq romantik dhe sentimental? smiley

Ana_H, nje dite do te ndermarr nje studim te vockel mbi "piken e mengjesit". Kam pershtypjen se kjo "pike" eshte mveshur me paragjykimet me te keqija nga ana e njerezve. Shembuj :

- Po ti ore, ku i gjen gjithe keto fjale ne pike te mengjesit ?

- Nena se bijes : ne pike te mengjesit duke kenduar ! Ti ke dale mendsh moj bije !

- Nuk pi njeriu ne pike te mengjesit, pijanec !

Nga ka ardhur kjo ? Dhe pse nuk shikohet qe ky eshte nje paragjykim tejet i gabuar (me kusht qe te kete dhe te drejte) ?

Pika e mengjesit eshte çasti me i bukur i dites. Eshte koha kur qenia merr forme. Kur sendet shfaqen para syve tane. Kur jeta eshte me e perjetshme se kurre. Kur gjithçka eshte ne lindje e siper, asgje nuk vdes ne pike te mengjesit. Eshte çasti kur ndihesh me i ri, me i forte, me i pavdekshem. Nese ka nje çast ku gezohemi dhe lumturohemi qe jemi gjalle, kjo eshte pika e mengjesit.

E kunderta, mbremja vone, ky eshte çasti kur duam te harrohemi nje ore e me pare, ne kthetrat e gjumit, per te hequr gjithe barren e jetes, per t'u shkarkuar nga kjo dhurate e helmuar qe na ka dhene nena, e per te mbyllur syte duke mos menduar asgje. Ky eshte çasti me antiromantik.


Mbi pikën e mëngjesit


E vuri re, ulur përdhe, rrëzë një pishe, duke radhitur stikat e rëna sipas një forme gjeometrike: një trekëndësh barabrinjës. Në këtë orë të herëshme të mëngjesit, Ukshini ndjente rregullisht nevojën për tu marrë me ndonjë gjë që kërkonte përpikmëri: numëronte sende, i radhiste në forma të rregullta, zgjidhte problema matematike. Është ora kur sendet e humbasin atë përmbajtjen prej hijeje që i ka veshur gjatë natës, e pak nga pak gjejnë ngjyrat, por më përpara, u duhet të kalojnë një lloj zone të dyshimtë, të sapoprekura nga drita e si të rrethuara nga një brerore; ora kur jemi më pak të sigurt se bota ekziston.>>

 Ukshini vetë, kishte gjithmonë nevojë t'i ndjente gjërat para vetes si një mur të trashë, përkundër të cilit mund të mbështeste tendosjen e gjithë vullnetit të tij; ishte e vetmja mënyrë për të ruajtur vetëdijen e qenies. Nëse, përkundrazi, bota rrotull tij zbehej, bëhej e vagët, e paqartë, dhe ai po ashtu ndjente të zhytej në atë gjysmëhije të ëmbëlosur; në gjithë atë boshllëk, nuk arrinte të lindte as dhe një mendim i dallueshëm, një lëvizje vullneti, një fiksim. Ndjehej keq; ishin çastet kur gati sa s’i binte të fikët. Nganjëherë, veç me një përpjekje të skajshme arrinte të mos zhdukej. Atëherë, fillonte dhe numëronte: numëronte fletët, gurët, boçet e pishave, ç’ti binte në dorë. Ose i radhiste, i vendoste në formë katrori, në formë piramide. I thithur prej këtyre veprimeve të ima, ia dilte ta mbyste dobësinë, të vinte nën vete pakënaqësinë, shqetësimin dhe dëshpërimin, të gjente kthjelltësinë dhe sigurinë e zakonshme.

Nga "Kalorësi që nuk ekzistonte", I. Calvino

Tu aimerais le bouquin, je pense, Hurbinek. (Je ne sais pas pourqoui je pense que tu l'as pas lu. Si ce n'est pas le cas, je te présente mes plates excuses.)

Hurbinek, sot, nuk hahem dot me ty, do te doja te isha ne gjume, te flija ca muaj resht a ca vjet e mbase ben vaki ta mendoj dhe une si ty. Sic duket, pika ime e mengjesit do te jete nata.

Nuk e kam lexuar, Hirushe. Shoh qe paskam pothuaj te njejten ide me Calvinon, vetem se ai di ta thote me mire me fjale. Une ia kepus alla katunarçe. Do ta shoh librin, kushedi flasim ndonje dite per te. Dhe falemnderit se harrova, per perkthimin, merci beaucoup. 

Ana H, nuk dua te luaj psikologun "à deux balles" ketu por te shoh ca re te dendura mbi koke, do te kesh shi, do te lagesh ca, por dielli do te dale perseri dhe do te habitesh sa e lumtur do te jesh. Pse kam pershtypjen qe je nje romantike e pandreqshme ? Ngaqe lexon romane ? Jo, duhet te kete diçka me teper, eshte dhe ajo "tike" nga pas, ose "tik", ose "tic", dmth huq, mani, ves. Ke huqin e romanit, s'ndahesh dot nga ai, jeton me te. Apo gabohem ?

ps : oops, Steveni s'thote gje qe po flasim per gjera jo-inglishtore.

O kalamoja, una sa m'sova nje shprehje ne inglisht ene me zorr po pres t'ja them asaj gjose se perbashket midis Shkodres dhe Pogradecit,


Steven, FALEMINDERIT PLAKO! Reading you I remebered my friends, Billy Gould and his wife Margaret, trip in Albania last year. They  travelled in 4 or 5 Balkans countries and Albania, it's what they preferred. We really need guys like you.

Just an advice, if I can. Don't drink too much RAKI! You'll be addicted. lol

@ novaj

Finest whisky is made in Scotland(uk).Skrapar or Permet are regions(towns) where finest raki is made. I sugest you go there

If the Irish heard you say that smiley

Finest "scotch whisky" is made in Scotland, but even so, Irish monks brought the recipe.   God bless history channel, and a bar owner in Irland who had me fully convinced smiley

@ Steven, not much advise from me, you look like an easy going Canadian.  After all, even Americans joked around about wearing around Europe maple leaf tee-shirts, after some wars they decided to start here and there. 

Just enjoy yourself and make the most of it smiley.

Looking forward to your next report.

 Monda you deserve  a bottle of value scotch made in northen ireland or a pint of guinness will be better darling.

pssmileyon`t say that to a scot please....

Oh no honey, lately and on very rare occasions I have played around with mr. Johny W, unsuccesfully lol, just a shot and a half the most.  Madame V (Belvedere or Grey Goose) doesn't like competition. 

Furthermore, unfortunately I haven't acquired a taste for dark beer smiley.

PS: Pls check the info, while I do agree that the scots have taken the whiskey to a higher level, the origin is still Irish. 

youtube hunter, your new crime with 7 Oscars smiley.

Now, what can I pay you back with?

PS: Don't worry, ndeshje e gjate ajo e Barces, too lazy to go wild goose chasing on you tube smiley.  

If you go in Berat and you ask the way to go in Scotland, they will show you the way for ... Skrapar smiley

 From Steven (still no password for the membership)

Turi: I forgot to ask you before to elaborate on "if you going after a young lady, ask her what her parents thoughts are..."  This seems like useful advice that I should understand better.  Oh, and for the record, I (and the rest of Toronto) love Tie Domi.

Twintip: Thanks for the smiling suggestion.  I haven't been doing much of it because I wasn't sure if that was really "allowed" -- Albanian rules, etc.  Smiling at the ladies will be wonderful I am sure.

Emigrant: Maple Syrup is best bought directly from the producer, though depending on where you live that might not be possible (online sources, maybe?)  The supermaket stuff beats Aunt Jemima, but grade A is actually less flavourful than grade B.  If you have kids, see if you can find a nearby producer and call during season to ask if they do how-syrup-is-made demonstrations for kids.  Most do, and it's worth a couple hours drive for sure.

Novaj: Thanks for explaining that -- I'll see what I can do.

Parrulla: Can I say that you're both right and looking at it the wrong way?  Of course it's highly unlikely that I'll pop into Albania, stay a few weeks, and then drop some brilliant insight into the country.  But who expects that?  I think the interest is not "What will this Canadian tell us about our country?" But rather "What will what this Canadian tells us about our country tell us about Canada?" Surely everyone here knows that Albanians honk horns faster than the Germans stuff sausage, but did you know that would be the first, instantaneous impression a Canadian gets of Albania as he steps through the doors of the Tirana airport?

Lizander Saraci: I take it the big ""FUCK YOU" was aimed at someone as the result of those all-Albanian posts I can't comprehend?  I think it's too late for me on the raki front -- I'm just hoping I still fit in all my clothes by the time I go home. Oh, and what does "plako" mean?

Monda: My Irish half wants to agree, but then I think of my bottle of Talisker 17 and conclude that we were right to outsource the recipe to the Scotts.

Steven I can say you are right after the concession that you have misundertood me but the conversation was skewed to the albanian audience. My sarcasm about what is expected of you is not only an exaggeration of the "keep 'em coming" it is to draw the stark difference in response to you and the other foreign impressions that are delivered to us by what I will call "journalists". I am not implying that the reactions to you are not genuine but I am however trying to point to the aversion we have to the "What will what this Canadian tells us about our country tell us about Canada?"when it is transmitted to us through another channel. That's all folks! I won't go into the reasons of why this is but let it suffice to say that we have a lot of inferiority complexes...

Jo more, i paske te forta ti! Nuk me thua tek une ku e vure re kompleksin e inferioritetit? Apo ja fute ashtu kot? ti flet zakonisht ne emer te te gjith shqiptareve apo ndonjeher kur te jep shkendij ne tru!

Ore ta jap me garanci qe nese Steven do ishte Sanie/Sadik (dmth shqiptar) do i kishim nxjerr syte! Dhe per kete ka plot prova ne PPU. Ndryshe nga shqiptari, i huaji na ben te ndihemi superior/ mire meqe i dime nja dy gjera me shume se ai.


Translation: I can guarantee you that if Steven was a Sanie/Sadik (albanian) we would have taken his/her eyes out. There is sufficent evidence of this here at PPU.  Different from the Albanian, the foreigner makes us feel superior/ good about ourselves since we know a thing or two more than he does.

I dont quite get you.

You can guarantee me about what i would think in certain circumstances? In fact you can guarantee what every Albanian would think?

OMG - we Albanians really have developed some levels above earthlings as human beings.

So u are saying a foreigner makes as feel superior because we know a thing or two more then he does, but then you use the term iferiority complex? U confuse me man!

And do you normaly speak on behalf of all Albanians or only when the sparkle lights up your brain?

If you are as dull as not to be able to figure out the mechanism of inferiority and the compensations to make one feel superior in some aspect that one feels he has some control over then I won't be wasting my time any further.

And make no mistake about my supposed generalizations. They are based only on the flawed sample here at PPU with all the exceptions taken into account.

(my lights are always on, i suggest you turn yours on)

Well u confuse me even more now.

I was born and grown up in Albania, and one thing I have learned of albanians is that one cant make 2 albanians agree on one single thing.

Actually i challenge the guest to be in the company of two albanians that agree on one single thing without saying but.

Perhaps he knows what Freud said of the irish, well I can say that had Freud been to albania he would have been locked up in a mental asylum straight afterwards. But who knows maybe our compatriot above has achived to analyse albanian psychology.

ps. u did not answer on wether u always speak on behalf of all albanians, or only when a sparkle lights up ur brain.

Dude, can we agree on something here?

That unlike the anglo-saxon women , the more you look at albanian women the more beautifull they look?



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