Shaqe is a 20-30 year old girl from Moml village. She was brought up in a family of 10 with the best village values. Shaqe got married when she was 16, but her husband is now ne kurbet. He left when she was 17 and she now has two children – 1 and 2 years old. Because of her decadent behavior (indicated by the age of her kids) she was banished from Moml. Now Shaqe lives somewhere in “Bregu I Lumit” neighborhood and attends “Juridik” university.
A typical day of Shaqe’s:
She wakes up at 4 am (village habits) and spends 1-2 hours finding the right shami to put on. Her kids sleep until 6 am. After preparing breakfast, she leaves the house. Kids stay home with her third generation cousin that is a konviktore but doesn’t want to stay in konvikt. Shaqe has the shami around her head (her hair is too beautiful to be exposed), and wears metallic red lipstick and a lot of blush (What is the blush for? Her cheeks are like red apples anyways). Wearing the only suit (blue) she has, which she wears every day (her husband brought it from Italy) and a long heavy sky blue cardigan (he changed his mind on bringing her a coat after the second kid was born), she takes the “Tufina” bus to get to downtown Tirana. She has to walk for a while from “Center” to get to “Juridik” university, so she takes off her shoes and wears pantofla on the way to school. After 5 hours of lectures (Shaqe is a sophomore and a junior at the same time) its lunch time. In her heart Shaqe is an economist, so she never spends more than 50 leke a day. Shaqe brings lunch from home: a slice of bread (not too much bread cause of the diet she is on), a leek, home-made cheese, and her own milk (the one she feeds her kids with - you know an economist in the heart). After lunch, 2 more hours of lectures that Shaqe particularly loves attending. Her cheeks get all purple when she sees professor Shaqir. Prof. Shaqir was bon in Moml too, but he left very young. He attended university in Russia (with a scholarship he got from “qevrria” at the time bcs he had “friends&rdquosmiley. Shaqir was very smart. The only problem he had was sprinkling people when he talked, but Shaqe loved his saliva. That’s why she would always sit in the first row. Shaqe always felt like smiling a lot during his classes, and she did. The most beautiful orange smile in the world – Shaqir loved it. So he invites Shaqe for a drink at Planet bar after class. She accepts. Shaqe drinks Tequila (she heard about it in her favorite telenovele “Dashuri dhe Tekila&rdquosmiley. Shaqir drinks straight vodka (college habits). After 2-3 hours drinking Shaqe wouldn’t get drunk. Shaqir tried his best but Shaqe has been a raki drinker since her husband left. Shaqir ruled out sex, but Shaqe didn’t. She had been waiting for this day for too long (you could tell from the type of lingerie she was wearing: no bra and only one pair of panties).

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seems more like an artikull fushate when your read "a typical day of Shaqe", po unë buzëqesha ca herë, kshu që rrofsh. ti je lodhur nga fundi, më duket mua.

Seems more like a mundim imitacioni urban ne proze of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales sikur te mos i mungonte depth of the character. Por of course qe tani you'll tell me that se ke degjuar asnjehere dhe une urte-urte do ul syte dhe kerkoj ndjese ne pendese te thelle.

smileysmileysmiley, pranohet pendesa. Sapo e gugellova se kush ishte, never heard of. Lejohet ta marr si kompliment? smileysmiley

How could you have not heard of Chaucer? What planet do you live on? smiley Get a literary life, man!! smiley

Nderkohe...komplimentat e mija per Shaqen. smiley


Candid shone the moon nested benneath his armpits. The darkness reigned glorious on its past and the night lay impatient ahead. For it knew nothing of this magnitude could have ever happened without proper warning. Sorrounded by the somewhat turbulent city of Kakardhiqe, Shaqir set motionless on top of the mourner’s hill.  >>

Giving away my heart to Shaqe, does this make me a heartless man? -ponedered Shaqir.>>

Then Shaqir threw a stick aimlessly into the long-emptied heart of darkness. It’s a dog-eat-dog world- he lent a sigh to his own face; -and sticks around here go wasted.>>

Not yet a ranking angel, from where he sat, aided by the moonlight behind his back, Shaqir illuminated the poorly engraved sign “Varrezat e fshatit”. This mooning of sorts offended the core principles of the universe so Shaqir’s wishes to a falling star went  unanswered.  He then, would never see Shaqe again. >>


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