Stranger #1

stranger I

I have started this project called 100 strangers. One of my friends suggested and I am daring to photograph 100 people that I don't know.
My first stranger is called Emilio. He was sitting at the NY Library few weeks ago. I saw him as I was coming from the second floor of the library. He was lost into his world and i was asking myself to try or not to try ask this guy to photograph him. Usually, I would take shots of people without asking them. I know, I am bad, but by the time I go and ask people, the moment is gone and so is my chance to capture something that I will treasure for a life time.
Anyway, back to Emilio. I approach him and cordially I ask him to give me permission to photograph him. I say to him that I am starting this project and that would he be kind enough to allow me ask him few questions, and also take few shots of him.
To my surprise, he accepts the offer smiley As i have a conversation with him, I find out that he has just landed to New York city and is trying to make it like everyone else that comes here. He is a photographer and also is studying to become an actor. Emilio is from Columbia and his English is very good, even though I enjoyed speaking in spanish to him, taking the advantage of the few words that i have learned while living in NY.
I am happy to say that my first stranger photoshoot went well smiley
Thank you Emilio!

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